How to incorporate food into sex?

How to incorporate food into sex

Food is an important part of our daily lives. Bringing it into sexual play is also a fun way to spice up the bedroom and make your partner sexy.

Food can provide a sensory experience, with different textures and temperatures. This is especially true for foods that are aphrodisiacs.

1. Sugary Syrups

Whipped cream is a delicious addition to food sex because it’s light and fluffy and can be whipped on to your partner with just the right amount of pressure. The best part is that it won’t drip all over you or stain your sheets. Plus, you can add toppings like berries or chocolate to make it even more delicious and erotic. If you’re not into whipped cream, then you could try a different kind of dessert syrup like maple or molasses. These kinds of syrups have a strong and sweet flavor that’s sure to satisfy the taste buds and make you orgasm.

Sugary syrups are also a good way to play with temperature. You can use them warm or cold, depending on the mood and what’s more satisfying to you. Cold foods, such as ice cubes or frozen fruit, can be dragged along your partner’s body, and the icy texture is sure to heighten sensations. You can also use them to tickle your partner’s erogenous zones or hold them against their vulva.

Using food for sex may seem a little off-putting, but it’s an increasingly common practice in the kink and fetish community. Just be careful not to apply chocolate, whipped cream or any other kinds of food that’s applied directly to your partners’ genitals because it can cause irritation and mess up their microbiome.

Cucumbers are another great option for food sex because they resemble penises. You can put them on your partner before having sex, or just lick them as you start to get down and dirty. Similarly, oysters and other shellfish are great aphrodisiacs that can be eaten before or during sexual play.

2. Fondue

Bringing food into the bedroom can be an erotic experience, especially if you know your partner’s likes and dislikes. It’s important to have a safe, respectful and consensual conversation with your partner before you bring food into the bedroom, but don’t be afraid to experiment — it can be fun, playful and lead to some steamy foreplay. Just make sure to have clean and sanitized sheets and alcohol on hand in case of spillage or mess.

Whether you’re using a pot of chocolate or a bowl of whipped cream, fondue is a great way to stimulate the senses in the bedroom. For a more intense experience, try adding a touch of vanilla or brandy to your chocolate fondue. You can also use a variety of fruits in your fondue for a refreshing, sexual experience. Strawberries, cherries and red grapes are good choices because they’re easy to eat and sweet on the tongue. If you want to get a little more adventurous, try using figs or papaya, which are rich in purported aphrodisiac vitamins.

You can also use raw vegetables in your fondue. Just make sure to wash and peel any veggies before dipping them into your fondue. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even use meats in your fondue, but be careful since that’s not safe for everyone.

For an added sensual element, you can add a bit of alcohol to your fondue. Just be sure not to go overboard on the hard liquor, as too much can be a turnoff and cause you to feel sick later. Alternatively, you can serve a few tequila body shots to your partner to get the party started.

3. Popsicles

It’s a good idea to start out with some smaller foods before you move on to larger ones as some people may find certain textures or smells uncomfortable. You can play around with different types of food during sex like strawberries, bananas, or whipped cream to make the experience more intimate and unique. You can also use a variety of flavors for more pleasure, and add in toppings like chocolate to heighten the experience.

Whipped cream can be used as a type of sexual lubricant because it’s soft and fluffy and doesn’t drip all over your clothes or stain the bed sheets. It’s also delicious and can be flavored with fruit or other toppings to create an even more indulgent treat.

Another type of food to try is a popsicle because it’s cold and can be lickable. Carrots might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a sweet treat, but they’re actually pretty tasty and you can pair them with ginger and coconut milk to make them extra yummier. Carrots are also super healthy and you can even freeze edible flowers into the mix for a gorgeous Popsicle that’s vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free.

Ice cream can also be a great sexual lubricant because it’s cold and creamy. You can lick it off your partner’s body to give them oral sex or drip it on their stomach and breasts for some intense body play. You can even buy cooling lubes that are specifically made to tingle and stimulate the skin, like this one from Aloe Cadabra in Tahitian Vanilla flavor. It’s also safe to use with condoms and is a delicious way to spice up foreplay.

4. Champagne

Using food in the bedroom is a popular form of sexual play known as “food sex.” It’s fun, delicious, and can be quite sensual. However, it can be messy and some foods may cause discomfort. For example, spicy foods can irritate your partner’s mouth and lips and certain textures might turn them off. Before trying any kind of food sex, be sure to talk about it with your partner and discuss their preferences.

Champagne is a great choice for food sex because it goes well with a variety of flavors and can make your love life more sensual. For example, try pairing Champagne with fruits like strawberries or watermelon because they’re juicy and easy to eat with your hands. These fruits also contain L-citrulline, which is an amino acid that can improve blood flow and boost sex drive. Another great Champagne pairing is honey. It goes perfectly with bold sparkling wines and can also help to enhance your mood and cognition.

Other foods that can be used for sexy, messy fun in the bedroom include chocolate syrup (poured from the mouth down to create an orgasm), Altoids for some minty oral action, and candy pop rocks for some bubbly oral sensations. Cucumbers, carrots, and zucchini are also a fun option because of their phallic shapes and sexy textures. And don’t forget to use a condom during any food sex, as even non-messy foods can lead to unexpected results!

Just be sure to clean and sanitize any surfaces you plan to use for your food sex experiments, and have alcohol and wet wipes nearby in case of any accidental spillage or messes. And don’t go too crazy with the food — if your partner isn’t into it, they may not be into it!

5. Sushi

There are no instructions that come with food sex, so it’s important to talk it over first and be sure your partner is on board. Then it’s a matter of finding the right foods and places to put them. “Anything pliable and smooth that is easy to eat can work,” says Dr. Sommer, including whipped cream, chocolate and fruit. “But it’s also good to try things that are a little more challenging.” She suggests trying cucumbers, carrots and zucchinis—all of which have a phallic shape and are pliable—or even strawberries. But make sure you wash and sanitize anything you use, and that you have a clean sheet ready for any potential messes.

If you want to get a little more adventurous, try feeding each other sushi—but be sure it’s low sodium so you don’t end up with food poisoning. Alternatively, you can feed each other oysters (but only if both of you actually like them genuinely) or try a few pieces of deep-fried tempura.

You can also incorporate a little temperature play by lining up frozen grapes on your lover’s body, especially in the erogenous zones. Or try nyotaimori, which is Japanese for “body sushi.” You essentially place the raw fish on your partner’s nipples and lower body before you dig in.

Using food as part of your foreplay is a sensual and delicious way to spice up your love life. But be sure to take some time to plan your moves and avoid anything too messy, sticky or gross. You don’t want to end up like Samantha from Sex and the City or Mickey Rourke teasing Kim Bassinger with salsa. And if it doesn’t turn you on, don’t do it!